the A to Z of me – part 2

Nature: I’ve always been interested in nature. My Dad gave me some cassettes (for anyone under 15, they’re what we used to listen to our music on before IPhone/IPad/IPod ETC)
I also presented a show for 18 months called Nature With Nicki.
Olives: Here’s a question which I’ve pondered on a lot! What is the point of olives! I mean, who actually adores them! Who puts them in their mouth and goes: “Yum! These are gorgeous!”
Parents: When you lose one parent, some people (me included) become really clingy and anxious that something might happen to the one you still have.
All I can say to people with any amount of parents is treasure them! Love them and ask them questions about their past. When they’ve gone, it’s too late!
I’m glad I had such a lovely relationship with my parents, I still do with Mum.
Quizzes: I love TV quizzes.
I’ve won 3 of them, and been on another one where I was almost successful, but inventing a new word let me down!
I’m actually in the process of applying for another one.
I always get auditions, so I must be doing something right.
Radio: I love working in radio.
I think there’s something really refreshing about chatting to people, knowing that for some of them you’re the only person they’ve interacted with that day.
You can make people laugh, cry and think, sometimes in a few minutes!
I listen to a lot of radio, from all over the world.

Seahorses: If you ever want to buy me a gift/get in my good books/impress me, buy me anything seahorse related!
I adore them!
I got my first seahorse when I was in Tenby. It was given to me by people at a museum I was visiting, it’s a dry one, but before anyone shrieks and squeaks, they said it was fine for me to have it.
Travel: it’s totally true! Travel really does broaden the mind.
I have friends who’ve never left Cardiff! Seriously!
Fair enough, if you can’t travel, due to whatever troubles you have, that’s fine. But to just not travel because (I’m not interested) is just daft!
I’ve been to heaps of places, on my own, with family and friends.
You learn about different cultures, broaden your horizons and realise that you’re not the only thing in the world which matters.
Unique: I am not a sheep!!!!
That’s fairly obvious (how many blogging sheep do you know?) but I think too many people are intent on keeping up with their friends, that they forget they’re actually individuals.
I don’t have an IPhone, I’m not on Facebook, and I wear what looks good on me and what I feel comfortable in.
However, some people still feel the need to ridicule me for my fashion choices.
I call them sheep, (or, mutton dressed as lamb) but only when they’re not listening, cos they’ve got their headphones on, or are whatsapping!!
Vale: Dear, darling Vale. My first – and naughtiest guide dog.
She was such a treasure, and I’ll never forget how much confidence she gave me.
Wales: If you haven’t ever been to Wales, drop everything immediately (well, after reading this) and book a holiday there!
We have everything!
Castles, beaches (OK, the beaches are nothing like the Aussie ones), but you can’t have it all, and we have some of the most fantastic restaurants in the UK.
Xperience: haahaa, well, what else would X stand for? Xray?
Experience is invaluable.
Read, watch telly, talk to older people, younger people. Just immerse yourself in life’s experiences.
I don’t think you can ever know or learn too much.
Young: Write a letter to yourself. If you’re older, write it to your younger self, and the other way round.
I’d never change anything about who I was, or who I am, but you can always change who you want to be.
Zimbabwe: I was born in Zimbabwe. I’ve been back twice since we came to Britain (I was only 5 months old when we left) and contrary to what the media would have you believe, it’s actually a lovely country to visit.
You can follow my adventures with Chelly and James the guide dogs at:

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