You have not been forgotten

When was the last time you felt cross because of a tactless comment someone made.
I’m a very calm person – it takes a lot to make me feel really annoyed.
However, I feel I must write this blog.
I’m shaking with rage as I type.
For a while now – the daily briefings about the coronavirus have – some would say quite rightly focussed on the “number” of people getting the virus.
Also the “number” of people who have died.
I put the word number in quotes because this is one of the things which started making me feel cross.
We are living in the worst times any of us have possibly experienced collectively.
Our brave, brilliant NHS are struggling – and we’re all doing our bit to acknowledge how fantastic they – and our other key workers are.
But the people who have died are not numbers – or statistics!
The next thing which made me angry was the (as I perceived it) mention of the number of people from ethnic minorities who have contracted the virus.
It shouldn’t – and doesn’t matter what colour, religion, age, job the person had.
These are people!
They have families and friends.
They were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents and children!
We must never forget this.
So, when it was decided yesterday we should have a 1 minute silence for the NHS and key workers I felt I had to write this blog.

Yes, they’re important – but so is everyone else who has sadly lost their life to this awful disease.
I found the idea of having a one minute silence purely for one group tactless and unkind.
So, I just wanted to say that at 11 AM I will be thinking of every single person’s family who has died.
You are not a number, you are not alone – and you haven’t been forgotten.

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