a dog’s eye view of the last three months

My name’s Jimmey and I’m a six year old yellow Labrador.
For anyone who doesn’t know what a Labrador is, it’s a highly intelligent, super-cute, ultra-soppy dustbin with a tail!
I love walking, rolling (for any dogs reading this, I highly recommend eau-de-fox)), and eating anything and everything – and I mean everything.
I’m also a guide dog which means I have a really important job!
I’ve noticed lately though my Mum has been behaving quite strangely.
It started about three months ago. She developed an alarming habit of washing her hands – a lot!
Even more disturbing though was when she sang!
I’ve never had so many birthdays – even though it wasn’t actually my birthday she kept singing it – and she’d always say happy birthday dear Jimmey!
Next, we went on a train to Grandma’s and we’re still there!
It’s cool, I love grandma so I’m totally happy about it.
We went shopping a bit – but there were heaps of people throwing things into their trolleys like it was Christmas – which it wasn’t, as I didn’t get a present!
Then Mum was very sad for a few days – I let her burry her face in me and have a little cry. Then I got my smelly toy and pushed it into her ear – which always makes her giggle!
It’s been good spending time with grandma, she fusses me heaps and we all go for lots of walks.
But even walks are different.
Mum and grandma have started avoiding everyone – and the feeling is mutual with other people.
There’s a lot of waving and shouting! Goodness, humans have become loud over the last three months.
People will even cross a road if they see us coming – which never happens!!
The sad thing is nobody strokes me anymore.
Mum understands as she misses her friend’s lots – and especially hugs!
I give her lots of fuss though – and I’m extremely good at making her giggle.
If it’s just me and Mum out together and I’m on my harness (did I mention I’m a special guide dog) I have to do my emergency stop if I catch so much as a sniff of another human!
We do a little dance sometimes which is really amusing to anyone watching.
We haven’t been shopping properly for ages.
Mum went into a shop once and the lady was very kind to her and got her shopping.
There’s lots of queuing, which apparently we should all have a first class honours degree in as it’s practically our national pass-time.
Mum has also learned to do shopping online – which I think is great as she’s bought me some nice presents – including a new toy where I have to get the treats out of draws and cups!
I naturally triumphed on the first day!
Apparently we’ll have to stay here a bit longer.
Mum says she won’t change things until she thinks it’s ultra-safe (whatever that means – it puts me in mind of a new kind of nappy – or money-box).

It’s fine though – I love all the extra walks, running on the beach, fuss and attention.
After all – what is it you humans say?
It’s a dog’s life – and this life is actually quite good fun!

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