The A to Z of me

Dear reader, thanks heaps for following this blog! I now have 1000 followers!
I was quite shocked to be honest; I thought the only people who read this were a few friends and my Mum.
So, I thought I’d write an A to Z of me, so you can find out a bit more about me,
Then, perhaps you could try it on your blog?
It’s sort of like those hideous things which people pop on FB (thank goodness I’m free of that) only heaps more fun!
Australia: I’m a quarter Australian, but that quarter is very important to me.
I’m fiercely loyal, especially when sport is involved. Not because we invariably beat whoever we’re playing, but because Aussie’s throw themselves into any sport with such gay abandon.
I worked out there for a month as well, then went again two years later to meet friends and see a bit more of it.
I’m planning another trip there, just as soon as I think I can leave James for about two months.
Braille: I am a proficient reader and writer in Braille.
I don’t read Braille books anymore (apart from the ones I record for my niece)
Chelsea: Chelsea is my 2nd guide dog, she’s the reason I started this blog (more later)
Differently abled: Don’t call me disabled. I can’t abide it. Dis has such negative connotations. I was in Cape Town once visiting relatives when I heard a radio interview with a lady who runs a dance company for “disabled” people. She used the term “Differently abled” you might not like it, but I think it’s quite appropriate. We’re all “differently abled” you can’t do some of the things I can, and Vice Versa.
Etiquette: I’m going to sound like a much older lady than my 30 something years now, but I think good manners are important.
I was at my Mum’s one day, when my sister (who was in the same room) texted me to ask me to make her a cup of tea!
Then, she texted me later that day to ask if I’d like to go for a walk.
Also, when is the last time you rang someone up and had a good chat.
Friends: I adore my friends. I have friends all over the country, partly as I went away to college and uni, but also because I’ve moved from one end of Wales to the other.
I spend a lot of time cultivating my friendships, as they’re the fourth most important things in my life, after God, family and my dogs.
Goldilox: Goldilox (AKA Vale) was my first guide dog. She was gorgeous, naughty and totally adorable.
She died six years ago, but I think of her every day.
Horseracing: My parents and I used to watch the Grand National every year. When I was 10, Dad asked me to choose a horse. I chose Rhyme And Reason, as I loved writing poetry and it seemed a good name.
It won!
I’ve won a few times over the years.
My knowledge of horseracing even helped me to win a TV quiz (more later)
Interesting: When I fundraise, I don’t do things like coffee mornings or jumble sales. These are fine by the way, but just not exciting enough for me.
I’ve raised £30,000 singlehandedly over the past 20 years, from abseiling to zorbing, scuba diving with sharks, skydiving and a half marathon.
Journalism: I studied broadcast journalism at Cardiff uni. It was the post-grad course.
(By the way, if you’re considering doing the course, I totally recommend it)
Its hard work, but it taught me a lot!
My tutor suggested I write this blog while I was looking for work. At first I didn’t think I could, as the idea of retiring Chelly was extremely difficult to think about, let alone let other people be part of the journey.
However, it’s been strangely cathartic.
Kiwi: OK, so it’s very random, but I totally adore Kiwi fruit.
I love them on their own, in smoothies or in desserts.
Lovely James: I know I’ve had James for 7 months, but I’m still absolutely besotted with him. I didn’t really want a male dog, partly as I’d always had girls, but also as the male dogs I’ve met have been the size of horses.
He’s just the right size and is the most adorable male dog I’ve ever met!
Mum: OK, this will sound controversial, but my Mum is the best!
She’s a total star. She’s helped me, guided me, protected me and taught me more than I ever learned at school.
My lovely Dad died four years ago, and when you lose one parent you sometimes cling to the one that’s left.
Mum has been the rock I’ve clung to in an incredibly choppy sea over the last few years, and I absolutely adore her!
Plus, she has a mug which says:
“Best Mum ever, ever, ever, ever! The end!” so, there’s the proof.

Next time: Olives, seahorses and travel
You can follow my adventures with Chelly and James at

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