how many of these really hard questions can you answer?

Thanks to everyone who read – and hopefully enjoyed the last quiz.
I write all the questions myself so I hope you’re enjoying doing the quizzes as much as I like writing them.

As promised, this one should be a bit harder (unless you’re a chaser or one of the eggheads)
Good luck!

1 if you had cynophobia, which animal would you be scared of?
2 what would an entomologist study?
3 The American TV series Us and Them was based on which UK TV show
4 Which airport is situated in the village of Bagging ton in the West Midlands?
5 In which Tennis tournament would winners receive the Norman Brooks challenge cup and the Daphne Ackers memorial cup
6 Kirkpatrick McMillan is credited with the invention of which form of transport?
7 Pope Francis is from which South American country?
8 Which famous playwright said: “Always forgive your enemies! Nothing annoys them so much!”
9 James Scullin and Joseph Cook were prime ministers of which country during the 20th century?
10 Halophyte plants are predominantly found in which type of habitat?
11 Who first coined the phrase “Survival of the fittest”?
12 Natalie Clein plays which musical instrument?
13 how many feet are there in a mile?
14 How many letters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet?
15 Cordelia, Miranda and Bianca are the names of moons on which planet?
16 Which king of England had wives called Maria Fitzherbert and Caroline of Brunswick?
17 In which country would you find the Aberdare range of mountains?
18 Zia Mahmood writes books about which card game?
19 Which country’s currency is called the Pula?
20 Which artist’s works include Frozen Assets, Man – controller of the universe and the flower carrier?


1 Dogs
2 Insects
3 Gavin and Stacey
4 Coventry airport
5 The Australian Open
6 The pedal powered bicycle
7 Argentina
8 Oscar Wilde
9 Australia
10 Salty water or salty conditions
11 Herbert Spencer
12 Cello
13 5280 feet
14 13 letters
15 Uranus
16 King George the 4th
17 Kenya
18 Bridge
19 Botswana
20 Diego Rivera

How did you get on with those questions?

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