How many people does it take to make a vote!

Here’s a question for you, how many people does it take to register a single vote in an election?
Well, for most people it’s one.
However, for me to vote in the upcoming Welsh Assembly election it’s currently seven!
Let me explain.
This year, I need a postal vote, as I’m not going to be at my registered address.
The fact that I’m only going to be in another part of Wales, and therefore still in the country which I vote in is apparently not worth taking into account.
So, I have to get a postal voting form. The first person in the chain, me, rings up and asks for the aforementioned form.
The baffled youngster at Cardiff Council puts me on hold:
“I don’t know what you should do, let me ask someone!”
Person number 2!
Then person number 3 says it’s fine to send me a form, and they pop it in the post.
Then, I have to get someone to read my mail, as it’s all done in print (You couldn’t possibly expect a local council to do postal voting forms in Braille could you)!
Then, I have to get someone to fill the form out.
Then (and this is the bit which amuses me the most)
I have to get someone to come out with the accessible voting device, which is really a flimsy plastic overlay on the form with a heap of Braille numbers down one side, and flaps on the other.
But the drama doesn’t stop there.
I then have to ask another person to read out the list of possible candidates for me, while I desperately try and remember which number to vote for!
Why, why does it have to be so ridiculously difficult.
Why can’t we just have a Braille/large print/audio list of the candidates, which we can take with us into the booth/read before we vote)!!
It’s hard enough voting when you’re visually impaired (don’t get me started on getting to the polling station)
All I want to do is vote!
Women died to enable me to have a basic right such as this, but unsympathetic jobsworths make it a chore rather than something everyone else takes for granted.
I think this year, I’ll just vote for the person with the nicest voice, or name.
Or, maybe I’ll do it like some people pick a horse for the Grant National.
Close my eyes and stick a pin anywhere on the form!
But wait, that would involve another person to find the pin!!

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