books and authors you simply must read – part 2

I’m going to continue with my A to Z of books you simply must read (which also includes authors and narrators)
K is for:
Kate Binchy
When I was younger, all the girls in my class were obsessed – and I mean obsessed with Catherine Cookson.
Personally I didn’t – and still don’t see what all the fuss was about.
One of my favourite authors is Maeve Binchy.
I read Light a Penny Candle about 10 years ago and have been reading her books on and off ever since.
The wonderful thing about the audio books of Maeve Binchy is that they’re read by her cousin Kate.
She brings every character to life and is a joy to listen to.
L is for:
I adore quizzes, and I’m a tiny bit good at them.
I absolutely adore learning random facts – and you never know when the information you’ve stored might be useful.
Earlier this year I read a book about a girl who wanted to play football, but wasn’t allowed to play on the boys team.
So she formed a girls team.
It mentioned a lady called Lily Parr, who was a Women’s FA footballer, most famous for playing for the Dick Kerr’s ladies team in Preston.
So, I was – to quote Jonathan Creek, “absolutely flabbergasted!” when a question about her came up in a quiz, three days after I’d read the book – and I got it right.
M is for:
One of the most popular books of the past year is the excellent, brilliant This is Going to Hurt – by former doctor, Adam Kay.
I downloaded it from Audible – and it’s read by Adam himself.
It made me laugh, cry and feel very uncomfortable at times.
There was also an interview with him at the end of the book, which gave a bit more of an insight into why he wrote it – and why he finally left the world of medicine.
I’d also like to recommend the books by Max Pemberton as well.
N is for:
Non fiction
I’ll read just about anything, apart from horror, sci-fi and War and Peace.
I’d like to recommend a few non fiction books I’ve read over the last year.
101 Questions Your Dog would ask its Vet – if your Dog could talk: Bruce Fogle
How not to Travel the World: Lauren Juliff
Spectacles: Sue Perkins
The real James Herriot: Jim White
Shapeshifters: Gavin Francis
O is for:
Old favourites
I very rarely re-read books, as there’s just so many fantastic books and not enough time.
However, I recently re-read 101 Dalmatians – and a Paddington Bear book.
I also like re-reading the What Katy Did books by Susan Coolidge.
P is for:
I hate maths. Partly because I used to be really bad at it – but partly because, let’s face it, it’s just boring!
So, I was intrigued when I discovered a book called:
“As easy as Pi” by Jamie Buchan.
It was full of random facts about numbers – from why we use phrases such as: “At six’s and seven’s” to the significance of numbers in ancient times – and other numerical oddities.
I still zoned out during the “mathsy” bit when he described equations – but I doubt anything could make me “enjoy” maths.
Q is for:
OK, I’ve mentioned it before, but quizzes are great fun, and reading is a great way of learning information.
I enjoy dipping out of the University Challenge quiz book – and recently had a very useful book by Dan Smith transcribed by the lovely people at RNIB Cymru’s transcription unit.
It’s called, So you Think you know it all by Dan Smith – and let me tell you now – you don’t!!
R is for:
Really fast
I have recently discovered that the main device I use to listen to books has a new feature. I can now listen to them at a really fast speed (Imagine a horseracing commentator speeded up three times)
It means I can read heaps more books – yay!
S is for:
Sophie Kinsella
For all my friends – it was Harry Potter.
For me – the publishing phenomenon of the past 18 years is the Shopaholic series..
I might read a Harry Potter book – one day.
I’ve read all the Shopaholic series, about the hapless Becky Bloomwood and her adventures.
She’s the sort of person I can relate too!
I know not everybody loves them – I took my best friend to see the film “secret dream world of a shopaholic” and she didn’t like it.
But Becky is such a lovable character.
She always triumphs over people who try and belittle her – she’s quick-witted, vulnerable at times and is the sort of friend any woman would like to have!
T is for: Travel
You have to read at least one Bill Bryson book!
I’ve written about him in another post – but he’s brilliant.
I love reading books about travel.
I’ll recommend some other authors I’ve read who write about travel.
Sue Williams, Peter Allison, Jon Faine, David Attenborough and Gerald Durrell.
Next time:
More books, narrators and authors.

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