books and authors you simply must read – part 3

It’s the final 6 letters of my A to Z of authors and books you simply must read and some narrators.
U is for: unusual
I like reading books I wouldn’t normally be interested in. As I mentioned last time – I’ll read almost anything apart from horror.
So, because of the latest (and if I may say absolutely brilliant show) Bodyguard on the BBC – I thought I’d read something to do with spies and spying.
I’ve started reading At Risk by Stella Rimmington.
It’s part of a series she’s written about a lady who works for MI5 (Stella Rimmington was the first woman to be director-general of MI5!
I’m actually really enjoying it!
V is for: vet
If I’d have been born with eyes which work – I’m pretty sure I’d have been a doctor, lawyer, vet or a police officer.
However, I wasn’t – so I’m not.
But that hasn’t stopped me devouring any vet books I can find.
James Herriot is without doubt my favourite – but I’d also recommend books by Jo Hardy.
W is for: Will you help me?
OK, so this is a bit cheeky – but as the old saying goes: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”
I’m trying to raise £1500 to get a talking book recorded for children.
Only 10 % of any book published in the UK is available in an alternative format like audio.
I know the cost is high – but it covers admin, recording and editing fees.
Anything you can donate is fantastic – and even better if you can persuade your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else you can cajole into helping me!
You can visit:
to donate
X is for: xciting
I adore thrillers – I never used to, but when I started training with my third guide dog I had long periods of sitting around waiting for the other lady on class to do her training.
I now read about 4 a month – as well as all the other books I read.
My favourite authors include:
Clare Mackintosh, CL Taylor, Paula Daley, Sam Carrington, BA Paris, Camilla Way, Alex Lake and KL Slater.
Y is for: Yipeeee! On the theme of thrillers – I get really carried away – and have been known to cheer incredibly loudly when hearing of the demise of a particularly nasty baddie!
I’ll also shout – in manner of someone watching a really rubbishy person on a TV quiz show.
Z is for: Zoo quest
I wasn’t around when David Attenborough presented his landmark series, Zoo Quest, but, but I’ve read the books (*which he narrates* and they’re brilliant.
It’s about his visits to countries like Uruguay, Guyana and Madagascar, the tribespeople he meets and the animals he encounters.

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