how many of these questions can you get right?

We all need a bit of fun and entertainment during these difficult times – so I’ve decided to set a quiz for my lovely readers.
The first one will be relatively easy – but be warned… They will get harder.
So, are you ready? Answers are at the bottom of this post.
Let me know what you think – and how many you got!

1 Who was the first president of the United States?
2 Which element has the chemical symbol AU?
3 Which event occurred on the 25 of December 1066?
4 Which composer wrote Swan Lake and the Nutcracker Suite?
5 Which soap opera would you find the characters Irene Roberts, Alf Stewart and Colby Thorn?
6 What type of creature is a Linnet?
7 In the nursery rhyme, who put the kettle on to make tea?
8 What is the capital of Australia?
9 Where in your body would you find your axilla’s?
10 Which film won the 2020 Oscar for best picture?
11 Who was the roman god of War?
12 In the bible, how many disciples did Jesus have?
13 What is the name of the currency used in Poland?
14 Who had an album in 2019 called Heavy is the Head?
15 Who wrote the book Wuthering Heights?
16 What fruit would you expect to find on a Hawaiian pizza?
17 Which of Henry the 8ths wives were beheaded?
18 If you were celebrating your ruby wedding anniversary, how many years would you have been married?
19 Who directed the film Jurassic Park?
20 Which celebrity wrote the memoir Alanatomy?

1 George Washington was the first president of the United States
2 AU is the chemical symbol for gold
3 William the conqueror was crowned in Westminster Abbey on 25 December 1066
4 Tchaikovsky wrote the Nutcracker Suite and Swan Lake
5 Home and Away
6 a bird
7 Polly put the kettle on
8 Canberra
9 they’re your arm pits
10 Parasite
11 Mars
12 12
13 Zloty
14 Stormsy
15 Emily Bronte
16 Pineapple
17 Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard
18 40 years
19 Steven Spielberg
20 Alan Carr

So, how did you do?
I’ll do another quiz soon – but it will be harder than this one!

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