slow down and enjoy the silence

When did you last listen to something other than music, books or a podcast?
When did you last take the time to concentrate on the sounds around you?
I was walking with my guide dog Jimmey the other day when I heard the sparrows chirruping away.
Now, I admit, sparrows are boring!
Their song is one of – if not the most boring of sounds!
However, in these uncertain times I found myself savouring every note!
I heard a blackbird – and just stood and listened. But also I heard how beautiful it was.
Hearing is not the same as listening.
Hearing takes a much deeper form of concentration.
It’s tempting to fill your hours, minutes and seconds with something – anything which stops us thinking about this situation.
British summer has started today – so why not learn some birdsongs and take some time out to enjoy the silence!

You can find out more about birds by visiting

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