when words are not enough

Hi everyone and thanks for reading this blog.
I always write poetry when I can’t make sense of things, or need to express something which is difficult to comprehend.

This poem is just to say thank you to the fantastic courage and selflessness of our NHS staff and to encourage us all to think about each other more during these uncertain times.
It’s in free verse and would be better if it was read aloud, hence there being no capital letters or correct punctuation.

Thank you

what can we do, as the invisible enemy stalks the silent empty streets.
no one can see it
but its presence means we have to be alert.
we stay away
from anyone and everyone we know.
our town does not want you here
Go home
Stay home
People don’t talk, but walk away when they see you coming
You might be the one who lets the enemy in.
Some will complain ‘cos they can’t get their hair cut
Pub’s shut.
The shopping vultures will fill their trollies with barely a thought for the nurse
Or the doctor who just wants to eat
To be healthy
To care for the one who fell ill because you were more concerned about missing out!!!
So what can we do?
We can clap, we can sing
We can find ways to be kind with a smile or a call.
We can cook
We can clean
We can dream of the day when staying away will not be the new normal.
We can unite
In the fight by saying thank you!
Thank you to the doctors and nurses
And all those who care
Who are there.
Think of their reality, not yours.
Think of our NHS and say thank you!

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