The last word in silence

To end my selection of blogs on the theme of quiet and silence, I’m going to review two books I recently read.
They’re not to do with silence itself (I’m afraid my life isn’t short enough to laboriously read long tomes on how to achieve your inner quiet) but I found two books by searching for the word “silent” in my library of over 50 thousand titles.
Firstly, The Silent Child by Sarah A Denzil.
This was narrated by Joanne Froggatt of Downton Abbey, Coronation Street and Liar fame.
It’s about a six year old boy, Aidan who goes missing after a flood – but mysteriously turns up outside a hospital 10 years later. I’m not going to divulge anything else – but it has a lot of twists and turns before the true reason for his disappearance is explained.
The way the author draws out the “silent” part of Aden’s character was really interesting – and it is up to you to discover if – and when he’ll ever talk about what he’s been through.
The other book is The Silent Sister by shalini Boland.
I have to admit I liked this one more – it was fast-paced and had more twists and periods of me shouting: “OOOOOO, I didn’t see that!”
I was totally wrong about the outcome – I’m quite good at predicting *or guessing* what will happen, but the final twist was something I would have never have guessed.
The main character, Lizzie starts receiving strange letters – as well as having other things happen to her which she can’t explain.
The suspense is kept through what we don’t know – as opposed to what we do, which is always the best way I find.
Lizzie starts to mistrust everyone around her – including her estranged sister Emma – but could this lead to her downfall?
I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good thriller.
You can find heaps of titles in the RNIB library- from animal stories to books about zoology.
You can also become a volunteer – and could even end up reading books for people to enjoy.
Please also take the time – if you can to visit my justgiving page – I’m trying to raise money for the talking books strand of RNIB

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