Nicki’s adventures in bookland

When I was doing my English literature A level, we had to read – a lot!
Now I’ve been a prolific reader since the day I learned the last component of grade 2 braille, and would devour anything and everything.
Even now |I’m rarely found without at least two books on various listening devices.
So, I applied the same ferocity to reading the texts for our A level.
It was then that I discovered my favourite book so far – Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.
Now, if you haven’t read this phenomenal book (and I would urge you to download it/buy it straight after you’ve read this blog) it is the best thing I’d ever read.
Tess is slightly marmitish, you either cry over her appalling treatment by most of the men in her life, or you just want to grab her and shout: “Get a grip love, you hate your life, OK, but change it and stop whining!”
I cried when I read it – and I still can’t read it or even consider the ending without my bottom lip wobbling.
I won’t say too much about it in case you haven’t read it, but it says a lot about the church in Victorian times and rural life.
Tess finally fights back, but the unanswered question she asks Angel Clare still has the power to haunt me when I re-read it.

I’d like to say the same about the other main text we had to read – but I can’t, because I hated every page of it.
So, what was the book which almost made me leave the course?
Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin.
What rubbish!
The other people on my course loved it, although this might have had more to do with the fact that there was also a dramatized version at the time on the telly where Colin Firth unrobed himself and jumped into the water.
Even with audio description it did nothing for me!
I guess I’m just not that into Jane Austin!
This is the start of a series I’m calling Nicki’s adventures in book land!
Periodically (as I’m a very busy person) I’ll write about books that changed, or didn’t change my life.
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What are your favourite books, or books which you had to read, or were recommended and didn’t like!

One thought on “Nicki’s adventures in bookland”

  1. Recommended but didn’t like? “A Woman of Substance” by Barbara Taylor Bradford. 20 Braille volumes and so boring. Favourite books? “Appointment in Jerusalem” by Derek and Lydia Prince, and “The Shaming of the Strong” by Sarah C. Williams.


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