what does silence look like?

I’m Nicki, I’m in my 30s and I’m a home and away addict.
I first started watching it in the late 80s.
Next year, it’ll celebrate its 30th anniversary.
I’ve missed a few episodes over the years due to school, travelling and while I was at college and University and couldn’t afford a TV license.
So, last week I set myself the task of watching them all from the beginning.
Thankfully, some other Home And Away superfans have put summaries of every single episode on a handy website.
I noticed one huge difference when I started watching them again.
The minutes of incidental music used while someone was obviously getting up to no good, or, about to get up to no good were totally silent for me.
About 10 years ago Channel five started broadcasting audio described episodes!
For anyone who isn’t familiar with audio description – or AD, it’s when a pre-recorded soundtrack of the scenery, body language and expressions is interspersed with the dialogue to make things clearer for blind and partially sighted people.
It describes the action.
So for example it might say:
“A girl with long dark hair walks along an avenue lined with trees. She has a yellow Labrador trotting beside her.”
The dialogue isn’t supposed to overlap the description but fills in the gaps.
It’s also available in theatres and cinemas.
Last week I went to a performance by a new theatre company based in Cardiff called Elbow Room Theatre.
Chlo`E Clarke and Sami Thorpe who founded the company are passionate about inclusive arts and making theatre accessible for everyone.
The show I went to see takes audio description to a new dimension. Instead of having to listen to AD through uncomfortable headphones, the action is described live on stage by other actors.
I must admit it took a bit of getting used to at first, but I soon started to enjoy it.
The running around during the descriptions was frenetic and added to the drama of the performance.
Chlo`e is hoping that with some extra funding, they’ll be able to tour the show throughout the Wales and the UK.
They’re certainly a fantastic innovative company and I wish them all the best.
For more information about the company you can visit their website at:
follow my adventures on twitter at:

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