the top 10 annoying things about being blind

I don’t normally think about how irksome it is being blind, it’s just something I’ve lived with all my life. But, after spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to pick up little bits of paper off the floor after tearing up some bills, it got me thinking about the top ten most annoying things about being blind.
Disclaimer time, this is only my list, I’m not, and would not speak for other blind and visually impaired people. But I know lots of sighted people will understand some of the annoyances, so here we go!
1. Dropping paper/rice/pasta and, despite hoovering it up you still tread on it for days.
2. Constantly whinging about how lucky drivers are, especially when you’re standing at a bus-stop in the pouring rain.
3. Having to endure endless speculation about how you became “Like that!” It’s not helpful, kind or even that interesting in my case.
4. Having a long conversation with someone, only to discover they’ve walked away. That’s when having a guide dog comes in handy, you can pretend you were talking to them.
5. Always having to be that happy, positive person outwardly, when inside you’re thinking: “Being blind is awful sometimes, I’m not having a good day and if you ask me about my dog one more time I’m going to scream!”
6. Not being able to read menus and having to rely on someone to read them for you. Worst still is when someone says: “Well love, what do you like?” I don’t know until you read the menu and I’ll decide!
7. The ultra-competitiveness of some blind people. It’s such a small world and they’ll always be those who think they’re better because they have a dog/cane, sighted/blind partner, children/no children. I know this happens in the sighted world, but it seems to be quite prevalent in disabilityland as well.
8. A bit similar to the last one, but having everyone say: “Ooo, don’t you have an IPhone?” Yeah, actually I do, but I hate it!!!
9. Listening to people tell you about the latest “cure”! My blindness is so rare it doesn’t have a name, also it’s impossible to restore something you’ve never had!
10. Munching your way through a meal and discovering it contains olives! Admittedly that’s a personal one, but it is really annoying – and it’s my list so I’ll pop it in!
Tomorrow I’ll write the best things about being blind.

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