launching new series for guide dogs week

Today is the first day of Guide Dogs week, so I’ve decided to write a series of blogs for the occasion.
From the first time I found out I was getting a guide dog, to what really happened on my first blind dates for guide dogs!
I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Have you ever been thankful for walking into something?
I don’t suppose you have, but walking into a lamp-post was part of one of the best days of my life.
The morning started normally enough, I walked with my white cane to the bus-stop and waited with the other travellers.
When the bus arrived I got on, and used my cane to try and find a seat.
I stood for a couple of seconds wondering if anyone would step in and rescue me.
“What are you doing,” shouted the bus driver. “Don’t just stand there, b****dy sit down!”
After a passenger helped me I dissolved into tears.
“It’s not my fault,” I sobbed.
“Why did he speak to me like that?”
I walked from the bus-stop to the first road crossing, and a man helped me across.
I thought I was in safe hands until he said:
“I haven’t got very good sight, but I’m sure we’ll be OK!”
I walked right into the lamp-post!
I rang Mum at lunch time to tell her what had happened. I wouldn’t normally worry but my head was sore and there was quite a lump. She said she’d take me to hospital after college just to be safe.
As soon as Mum picked me up she said:
“I had a phone call today from guide dogs, they think they’ve found you a match. Her name’s Vale and she’s a golden retriever.”
I can’t remember what happened the rest of that day but I rang as many friends as I could that evening.
It normally takes quite a while to be matched with a guide dog, and I’d only applied in the August, so I didn’t have long to wait.
Next time:
“Is your guide dog supposed to carry a pork pie in her mouth?”
The unexpected joys and sorrows of owning a guide dog.

You can follow my adventures with retired guide dog Chelsea and working dog James on twitter at:

Guide dogs is an amazing charity, but they need heaps of money to carry on their fantastic work.
Why not support them this week by “moving it for money” or giving a donation – every little helps!
Find out more at:

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