Happy Birthday Goldilox

I adore cake! I actually enjoy eating most things – which is why I also love anniversaries.
It doesn’t matter how trivial it is. It might be the first time I met one of my guide dogs, the first time I trained with them or anything like that.
21 years ago today, at 4.17 AM, 9 wriggly little puppies were born.
One of those was Vale, my first guide dog.
I know she wouldn’t have lived until she was 21, but it’s still a good thing to remember her and reflect on how much love, confidence and laughter she gave me.
She was a bouncy ball of cheekiness from the start.
Mum had lovingly prepared sandwiches for when we came home for the first time after training, but unfortunately Vale got there first and gobbled the whole lot!
She was well-known in my local area for stealing things.
I knew my reputation had reached new heights when I met a lady on the bus and she said:
“Ah, that’s Vale isn’t it! She stole my lunch at a meeting we were at together!”
She was also very good at her job, when she wasn’t shoplifting!
She won an award for her work, and was in the local media a lot of times.
So happy birthday Goldilox!
Right, I’m going to the cake shop!
I’d better not over-indulge though – there’s another anniversary at the end of May!
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