Don’t put your hands over my eyes!

You are a kind, well-mannered considerate and sensible person. why else would you be reading this blog? I know you’d never indulge in the kind of stupidity this blog is about, but just in case you decide to change your mind, or know someone who’s inclined to behave in the way I describe, feel free to pass this on.
There aren’t many things which annoy me.
The only few exceptions are bad manners, people who eat crisps loudly on public transport *particularly smoky bacon or prawn cocktail* and tourists on mobility scooters who insist the pavement is theirs!
But, top of that list are people who interrupt me when I’m working James.
I encountered three people on Saturday which have forced me to write this blog.
I had been to a local cinema and watched a fantastic film called Their finest.
I was walking home, planning what to cook for dinner when a hand shot out from nowhere and I heard a voice say:
“Hi little champ!”
I then had to say “No!” to James, and he then swerved round the offender and carried on his way.
“What’s your problem!” you may be shouting
“The poor man only wanted to say hi!”
James is a guide dog! That means he guides me, with his eyes!
I have beautiful eyes, but unfortunately they’re no use to me at all.
So, to put your hand out and interrupt him is not only stupid with a capital S, but downright dangerous!
I’d only been walking about two minutes when a lady shouted:
“You’re nearly on the road, the dog wants to take you further away!”
I thanked her, but carried on the way we were.
James walks near the kerb, it’s just his thing, the guide dog trainer is fine with it, so am I!
He’s not going to put himself on the road or me.
But because of that well-meant interruption I had to reset my thinking.
Then, an incredibly drunk man lurched in front of us and shouted:
I carried on, hoping to avoid him and get home when he bellowed even louder.
“Hi,” I said
“You live by me you do, your Mum’s got your retired guide dog!”
I assured him he was right *even though only one statement was correct* and said:
“Sorry, I’ve got to get him home for his dinner!”
Now, I love doing the whole PR thing for guide dogs – I’m quite infamous in the local community for various charity fundraising adventures and other things I’ve been lucky to achieve and I’ll happily answer any questions people have about guide dogs, but I can’t accept behaviour like the three cases I’ve described.
Imagine if you were driving and someone popped their hands over your eyes!
That’s exactly what interrupting a guide dog owner when they’re working their dog is like.
So, unless there’s a huge hole that Jimmey hasn’t spotted, please give us the space to do what we’ve both been trained to do.
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