if my dog gets ill, it’s your fault!

There’s nothing to jolt you from a lovely dream more than a dog throwing up.
The sound is unmistakable.
I soothe poor Jimmey and then the fun begins.
First, you have to try and persuade the little man not to gobble it up.
Then, you have to frantically find something to clear it up.
Then you have to find it!!
I like to sing to myself as I perform this task. It helps to pass a bit of time!
Then, when I’ve eventually located it I clean it up.
Now, I’m a good dog owner – so I do everything I can to keep my dog happy and healthy.
I can’t say the same about people who use my local park.
I actually had to ban Jimmey from having playtime there because he was literally being sick every morning!
Why don’t people pick their litter up? There’s bins everywhere!
I was prompted to write this post because I’ve just spent five minutes trying to persuade Jimmey to remove his little yellow mouth from a bag of chips which some idiot had put next to a bin on the floor!
When he got back – he had a big bowl of water, belched extravagantly ad flopped down!
It’s not just food either! He’s a total coprphagic! *look up this term if you don’t know what it is – it’s disgusting*
Why don’t people pick up after their dogs?
I’m totally blind and I can do it!
The thing is, if Jimmey gets into a habit of scavenging he’ll get fat.
This means he won’t be able to work.
This, in turn means I will be without my lifeline and independence.
Alternatively he could get very ill if he eats anything which disagrees with him.
Please share this blog with as many people as you can – particularly if you know a person who litters with impunity!

Lastly – scoop the poop – and drop the plop!!

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