What Chelsea did next

Chelly is 12! I can’t believe it. It only seems like yesterday when the little black whirlwind was running round my house with two toys in her mouth.
Many people ask how she is getting on. After all, this blog started as a result of my preparations to retire her and start training with my new dog.
There wasn’t a blog like this, so I was happy to write mine. I found it therapeutic.
Mum looks after little Chelsea for most of the time.
They’ve settled into retired life very well.
Chelsea even has her own “bedroom” under the stairs.
She’s living a life of leisure.
She’s doing everything she was forbidden from doing when she worked.
This includes:
Jumping on the sofa and settling down with Mum.
Gobbling up everything she shouldn’t, such as bread, eggs and on one occasion Mum’s unattended sandwich.
She sits by the fridge door and refuses point blank to move until a carrot is produced!
At first I was upset at seeing how well she had transferred over to Mum.
Now it’s lovely.
She’ll always be my dog, and we’ll always have a special bond.
But when I am sitting on the sofa with Mum, I have Chelly lying on one foot – and James on the other.
They love each other very much.
The other day, James gave Chelsea’s ear a tender lick as she wandered past him.
They are affectionately known as “rascal and ratbag” among many other pet names.
I’m just so happy that I have two wonderful, comical and happy dogs in my life!
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