day 5 – almost there!

After walking 15 miles yesterday I was a bit apprehensive as to how my legs and feet would feel the next day.
I rested, iced and everything else you’re supposed to do, and woke up feeling refreshed and ready for another 8 miles!
Today took us through Newport and into St Mellons.
Frank, my walking companion had found out all the songs which were number one on every one of my birthdays.
So, to make our walk more enjoyable he gave me clues to work out who was the band and title of the song for each year.
I got most of them right.
We were also joined again by Pete, who’d trained with me before the walk, and local guide dog owner Hilary and her guide dog Yalena.
Yalena and Hilary coped remarkably well, we had some pretty tough grassy patches and some very uneven pavements.
My feet were absolutely fine – and I thoroughly enjoyed today.
Tomorrow is the final leg!
I can’t believe that for the last five days I’ve walked almost 70 miles.
I keep thinking of why I’m doing it.
I’ll be so happy when I can finally meet John, the puppy I hope to name in Dad’s memory.
He’ll have no idea of the immense gratitude I have for everyone who has helped me – and neither will he appreciate how difficult it’s been at times.
But when I get home each night and see Chelsea and James, I know it’s all worth it.
They’re my inspiration – and the reason I’ve put myself through everything that’s happened over the past few months.
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