Day 3 – crossing the border

Day three was the one I’d been dreading.
We had to cross the old Severn bridge.
Now, I’ve crossed many bridges in my time, I’ve even climbed the Sydney Harbour bridge which was really good fun.
I was also looking forward to this day for two other reasons.
Firstly it was a much shorter distance, almost 6 miles.
Secondly, we met one of the men who had walked the last three days of my Vale to Chelsea walk with me.
He came along with his partner for the bridge walk.
So, how did it go?
It was heaps better than I thought it would be.
We had the press officer for guide dogs Cymru with us as well, who took a lot of pictures.
I think the walkers with me found it particularly amusing when two lorries whooshed by in quick succession, causing the bridge to shake violently and me to look like a startled rabbit!
I’ve never been so happy to hear the words:
“Right Nicki, we’re over the boarder now into Wales!”
I said we ought to have brought a Welsh flag and planted it in the ground like people do when they climb Everest.
After a quick refreshment stop we carried on towards Chepstow.
The pavements became a bit uneven – and I turned my ankle on a difficult patch.
When we reached the finishing point at the Chepstow garden centre I was delighted to see a group of people from the local guide dogs branch had all turned up to welcome us.
It was especially lovely to meet a lady I’d been friends on Facebook with for a while, but had only met briefly.
There were also three adorable dogs to make a fuss of.
A 13 month old puppy who was just nearing the end of his training before going off to big school, a retired guide dog and my friend Hilary’s dog Yelena.
Frank treated us all to a well-earned cream tea, then we went back home.
Another reason frank wanted today to be shorter was because James made his first TV debut.
I appeared on make me an egghead – a TV quiz which is looking for someone to be on the prestigious Eggheads quiz team!!
When I introduced James he yawned.
He seemed quite pleased that I’d won my round of the show though – and was a huge hit on twitter.
However, towards the end of the evening my foot was incredibly sore.
I was anxious, would I be able to walk the next day?

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