the kindness of strangers

I’ve been a very busy bee!
Last time I updated you on the Chelsea two James walk I was barely over the £200 mark on my Just Giving page!
Now I’ve raised 64% of my £5000 target!
I have the most generous, kind and incredible friends!
I can’t name everyone who’s helped me, but rest assured I am exceedingly grateful for all your support.
We’ve got the route sorted out, had two collections on Llandudno prom and the Cardiff institute for the blind, together with the local guide dogs group held a tea party in Cardiff, with all proceeds going to my Just Giving donations.
I’m really looking forward to a quiz which will be held in the Plumtree in Canton on the 1st September at 8 PM.
I’ve had a lot of offers of help with regards to people walking the route with us, and am looking for more people to join us.
We need what I call “bucketeers” people who carry collection boxes and tell people about why I’m doing the walk.
Training’s going well, I’ve done a few 12 mile walks, plus some shorter ones.
There’s less than a fortnight to go before I set off from Bath on the 4th of September.
Please could you continue to spread the word about the Chelsea two James walk.
I’m still hoping local businesses in Cardiff will donate raffle prizes, walk with us or give a donation to my Just Giving page.
Many thanks to everyone!

You can read my story at:

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