A very frightening event

I’ve just broken the rules! I always have two biscuits at a time, *I hate odd numbers* but this morning’s events were so stressful I was forced to have three!
I was strolling into town to buy four things from one of our local supermarkets (clue, it’s also the name of a country, which if you haven’t visited I urge you to (
Things were going according to plan when I suddenly heard growling and barking. James leapt back and whined.
I don’t really remember what happened next, I remember asking a lady if James was OK and she said he was. We got to the shop and a lady asked if I was OK. She’d seen the events unfolding and told me Jimmey was fine.
I know things could have been worse, and I thank the Lord that James and I are OK.
The cause of the drama? A dog *I’ve found out it was a Staffy* lunged at a working guide dog.
I’ve had similar experiences but this one really shook me up, to the point that I was shaking and crying when the lady (and another lovely lady with her) were reassuring me.
They asked if they could call my Mum, which prompted further crying when I explained she lived the other end of the country.
She gave me some lovely juice to drink – I don’t think I’ll ever forget how kind they were.
Why, why do owners allow their dogs to get within a whisker of a working guide dog? I had a bright red dress on, Jimmey had his harness – and he’s a yellow dog!
This person I suspect was the cause of a similar incident with Chelsea and James outside a small supermarket by where I live.
I want them to be told how their dog’s lack of discipline impacts on guide dog owners lives!
James is quite a resilient soul, and dealt with this morning’s episode very well, better than I did.
But, as I kept explaining to the kind strangers who helped me, next time could be different, and as I’m totally blind there’s nothing I can do!
There’s no such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners!
If I could find that dog’s owner again, I’d tell them just how frightening it is! No, I’d go further; I’d blindfold them, and get them to walk through town by themselves, whilst mimicking a growling snapping dog!!!
OK, slightly weird I know, but James will always come first!
He’s my eyes, my independence, my life!
I made sure he didn’t see me too upset afterwards, and carried on walking confidently to the shop.
We walked straight home afterwards and he was fine.
I was lucky this time! Next time, we might not be!
Have you had any experience of nasty dogs?
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