The damage love can do

Chelly (my retired guide dog) and James (my new one) are totally besotted with each other.
It’s not unusual for James to sidle up to Chelly and give her a tender lick on the face.
She lies with her head on James, the way she did with my first dog, Vale.
But whereas Vale tolerated Chelsea the way you might a car alarm at five in the morning (I.E. ignoring it, and hope it goes away) James and Chelly are extremely close.
The other day Chelly wanted James’s bed, so after she’d nuzzled him to make him climb out, she pulled one of the beds from his basket and placed it on the floor beside it.
However, there’s a downside to love, as my Mum discovered two weeks ago.
I like to meet Mum by the bus-stop when she comes to visit me. She gets the bus from the train station and James and I meet her.
Everything was going well until Chelly caught sight of her beloved James.
She spun round, and the next thing I hear is a shout and a thud.
I ran over to Mum, and the small crowd which had formed.
“I think I’ve broken my wrist!” Mum said.
I comforted her and said everything would be OK and we’d take her to the hospital.
An old lady, well-meaning said to me as she tried to steer James and I away:
“We’re OK now, she’ll be fine, we’ll look after her!”
I looked at her, and in my firmest voice I said:
“I am her daughter, and those dogs are my guide dogs!” Thanks for your help!” she wandered off. Then I suddenly remembered Chelly.
“It’s OK, I’ve got her!” said a young lady.
From then on everyone was absolutely lovely.
The ladies from a local charity shop looked after Mum. They put a sling on her wrist and gave her a glass of water. I rang a friend to ask her to look after Chelly, and she did.
Another couple of friends took Mum’s suitcase into their shop.
After four hours at the hospital we went home.
Mum’s wrist was broken and she had a big plastrcast on it.
For the next two days I looked after Mum, cooking, helping her with her clothes and getting her medication ready.
They say things happen at the right time sometimes.
I definitely think this did, as two days after it happened we went away for five days.
I looked after Mum before she had to go home the following Wednesday.
After Mum broke her wrist my close friends were really lovely.
I rang one of them to ask if they could possibly look after James. They were delighted, they love him almost as much as I do, and they’re such lovely kind people.
My friend who looked after Chelly also brought her back.
Another friend picked us up from the station when we returned from our holiday.
I think when something like this happens it makes you very resourceful.
You also realise who you can rely on.
Chelly went on holiday with us, and although she seemed very subdued for the first two days, it was lovely spending time with her.
I really miss her and Mum when they have to go home, but it’s lovely to know James and Chelly have such a close bond. That, is priceless!

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