has it really been five months?

a huge apology to everyone for the ridiculously long time between posts. I also feel really bad I didn’t update anyone on Chellys progress. Well, after the horrid operation, she’s absolutely back to normal. She totally adores James!
They’re really cute together, sometimes, Chelly’s just standing in the middle of the lounge at Mums, and James will sidle up to her, kiss her tenderly on the ear and walk off!
Chelly’s revelling in having someone to play with.
James doesn’t always have it his own way though.
If he’s a bit too boisterous, Chelly will just look at him and bark really loudly!
So, it’s been five months since I got my new man!
I’m still in the totally besotted phase, even though he’s been rather cheeky on several occasions.
Notice I said cheeky, not naughty.
Other people’s dogs are naughty. Children are naughty! James is cheeky!
The other day I went to visit Mum.
I’d made a tray of tea for some friends who’d come round, and I forgot to shut the kitchen door.
I went in after a few minutes and heard snuffling and scuffling sounds coming from the kitchen.
I called the dogs and Jimmey came slinking into the dining-room! Before I could ask him what was going on he did the most tremendous belch!!
Then, in case I hadn’t heard him he did it again!
I went into the kitchen and discovered Chellys food bag had doggy slobber on it!!
Needless to say James didn’t get supper that evening!
His work is fantastic, although he still pretends he’s a racehorse.
I’m actually thinking about entering him into the Grand National under the name: “Jimmey jamjar jones!”

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