a worrying week with Chelly

I stood by the reception desk at the vets and gave way to the anxiety and worry which I’d held in for the last two days!
“You will look after her won’t you? I cried.
“Of course we will, we all love Chelsea here, she’ll be fine!” Said the receptionist.
I’d just left my darling retired dog to have a major operation.
I’d taken her in on the Saturday, as a sore on her side had refused to heal despite us giving her tablets and cream prescribed by the vet near Mum’s house. The first thing the vet said was:
“That looks horrible!”
I agreed.
The thing about being a guide dog owner is that sometimes you’re unable to keep your retired dog yourself.
Mum had gone away for a few days, so I was looking after Chelly on my own.
Some friends from North Wales came to visit me on the Monday, which was fantastic. I was able to keep busy while we waited for news on Chelsea.
When the vet rang and said she was awake it was such a relief.
I’d been really concerned at Chelly having an operation, as she’s almost 11.
She was so happy to see me, she wagged her tail and trotted towards my friend and I.
We took her home, but it soon became clear James would have to be sent to a friends for two nights.
I was anxious he’d pull Chelly’s drain, or stitches out.
The night after Chelly’s operation was awful.
She cried quite a lot, which she never does.
I slept downstairs, but in the end I was lying on the floor fussing her and talking to her.
I also felt upset at leaving James, we’d only been together for 9 weeks.
I gave her a small meal of sardines and a tiny bit of her food at quarter past three in the morning, and was really excited when she gobbled it all up.
The next day she was still very lethargic. I had a big cry and was so relieved when my neighbour knocked on the door and gave me some sardines she’d had in her cupboard.
When something as traumatic as this happens, you really realise just how important friends are.
I had phone-calls, texts and messages of support.
I’d been feeling so alone and powerless, so it was great to know I had people on my side.
The worst thing was not having Mum with me.
She was very worried about Chelsea as well.
I managed to get a few Emails to my Mum and sister with Chelsea updates.
She’s doing really well now. I knew she’d turned the corner when she snaffled something I dropped on the floor.
She’s not taking her tablets, despite hiding them in all manner of tasty treats.
I’m ringing someone from guide dogs who can best advise me how to get Chelly to take her medication.
She’s a lot more cheerful though, and James is back!
His favourite game is pulling Chelly’s pink lampshade off her head an racing round with it. Either that, or giving her tender kisses through the lamp shade collar.
We get the results next week. I’m praying it will be something simple like a fatty lump, although I’m also aware that the vet said it could be a nasty!
Whatever it is though, Chelly, James Mum and I will face it together.
Chelly’s a little fighter, if she can overcome the operation, she can overcome anything else.

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One thought on “a worrying week with Chelly”

  1. my dearest Nicki, I’m so pleased that my chell bell is making some progress. I’m thinking of you and I will continue to Hold you in my prayers. Give James and Chelly a cuddle from Auntie Mair,and say hi to your mum.Big hugs love you lots xxx


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