Chelsea comes back to Cardiff!

I’m wriggling with anticipation as I wait at the station for Mum and Chelsea to arrive.
My guide dog instructor is looking out for them.
“There she is!” She says.
The next thing I know, a little, black, bouncy Labrador has launched herself at me.
Her tail wags so much I fear it might fall off.
Not wishing to be outdone James starts jumping up and down like a kangaroo on a bouncy castle!
Eventually I remember my manners and say:
“Ah, hi Mum! How are you!”
Mum’s greeting is just as emphatic, but with less tail wagging!
We get on the bus and cause quite a commotion.
“Ah! Two doggies!” says a little voice.
“Yes love, but they’re special doggies. That doggy helps the lady cos her eyes are broken!”
I love the explanations parents give children.
I always say my eyes are broken, or poorly.
I work James back from the bus-stop and he’s incredibly well-behaved. Mum is very impressed with him.
Almost as soon as I’ve taken James’s harness off, the dogs are racing round the lounge.
They get on so well!
I knew this anyway as they’ve met before.
After a tremendous play, they flop down contentedly.
Chelsea lies on James’s bed and he lies on the mat beside her.
I smile at them.
That evening, I have an overwhelming sense of contentment.
I’m lying in a lovely bed, my wonderful Mum and retired dog are staying with me, and James is snoring happily on his bed.

Next time:
Chelsea and I graduate – at last!!!

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