Is it true guide dogs can read bus numbers?

“Excuse me love! Is it true guide dogs can tell you what number bus has arrived?”
“Yes,” I smiled.
“That’s marvellous! How does he let you know!”
“She taps her paw on the ground the correct amount of times.”
The old man got on to the bus in front of me muttering:
“Well I never! John was right! I thought he was winding me up!”
By now the pressure of keeping my laughter in was becoming too much. I thought I’d explode!
“By the way,” I said to the man as Chelly and I sat down.
“She makes a fantastic lasagne as well!”
Guide dogs are exceedingly clever, but they are “guide” dogs – the clue is in the name.
They can’t read, talk or drive.
My guide dog instructor explained how they work the other day like this.
The dog is the pilot and we are the navigators.
We have to know where we’re going in order to tell the dog which way to go.
It’s a total misconception that guide dog owners can leave their houses and say:
“Post office please Fido!”, while they relax and plan what they’re going to cook for dinner.
So, how do guide dogs know which bus to get on?
We have to ask the driver or person at the bus-stop, although apparently you can now get apps to help you (although I don’t know anything about these things)
So, that’s another post written.
Now, I wonder if I can persuade James to put the laptop down and make me a cup of tea!

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