The girl who think she’s a dog!

Whenever I’m walking out and about people always look at me and smile. It’s not because I’m stunningly attractive (or, maybe it is, I have no idea) but the more likely reason is because I talk to my dog – a lot!
I don’t just mean I give them commands about where we need to go – but I hold lengthy conversations with them.
I once got so engrossed with chatting to Chelly about what I was going to cook for dinner that I walked into a lamp-post!
I’ve actually taken it to new heights, I occasionally (admittedly between friends and hardly ever in a public place) answer back as if I was a dog! I have various accents for my dogs!
Vale had a posh accent, she was a pedigree dog and was very self-assured about how gorgeous she was.
For some reason Chelsea was a cockney.
I’m not sure which accent James will have. He was puppywalked in Oxford but lives in Cardiff.
The other day, James and I were walking around the lake in Roath Park, Cardiff.
There’s a lot of birds there, ducks, geese and swans.
A goose hissed at James and before I could stop myself I started singing:
“Goosey goosey gander!”
Luckily I remembered where I was before I got too carried away.
We were walking in Cardiff bay last week – and I suddenly started singing:
“Find the way, in Cardiff bay, and when we get home, we’ll have a play!”
It’s like I’m compelled to talk, or sing to my dogs when I’m out with them.
I asked my instructor if the public thought it was weird when we talk to our dogs – as a lot of dog owners do it.
She said it had the opposite effect. People smile at us when we walk by, it’s so lovely for them to see our interaction with our dogs.
Some people think they’re like machines, but they love to have any interaction, whether that’s being sung nursery rhymes or just normal commands.
I was told by a friend I have a naturally musical voice.
I’m not like a well-known tennis player whose voice is so monotonous they should play it to insomniacs! They’d soon fall asleep!
So, if you’re walking along in Cardiff and you hear a lady singing, or talking to herself – don’t be alarmed! It’s probably me asking James what he thinks of the news headlines! Or deciding what to have for dinner!
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