The gift money can’t buy!

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
We all love getting presents. ) Incidentally, if anyone ever wants to buy me a gift, for whatever reason, you’ll never go wrong with anything seahorse related)!
I’ve had some fantastic gifts.
I received one today, it was from the lovely people I used to work with, it’s a talking watch.
They knew mine had broken and the fact they remembered this and bought me a new one was so lovely!
I remember the day I found out I was getting my first guide dog.
I’d been crossing over the road with a friend of mine, and he accidentally walked me into a lamp-post!
It was incredibly painful and I had a headache all day.
Mum decided to take me to the hospital after college as a precaution.
When I got into the car she said:
“I had a phone-call today! They’ve found you a guide dog! Her name’s Vale and the trainer’s bringing her out to see you tomorrow!”
That was how I got Vale!
The independence, freedom and loyalty she gave me was priceless!
I walked through the St David’s shopping centres with James today.
As we walked along with everyone else I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness!
There I was, totally blind from birth, relying on a dog to lead the way and keep me safe!
He led me through Cardiff market to the place I used to work!
We worked as a team, me giving him directions and heaps of praise.
I know people give thousands to support the fantastic work of guide dogs, something we as guide dog owners are incredibly grateful for.
But the feeling I had today while James and I were walking in Cardiff is something money can’t buy!

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