update on Chelly

“How’s Chelly enjoying her retirement?” is a question I get asked a lot these days.
The answer? She absolutely adores it. She’s taken to it like a lab to water!
After all, who wouldn’t enjoy lolling around all day, being given carrots for no other reason other than standing by the fridge looking hungry. She’s been making herself at home. Mum has already told me Chelly’s been climbing on the sofa.
She’s been running on the beach, frolicking in the sea and racing round the park.
I miss her incredibly and there’s been a lot of tears this week.
It’s our nine year anniversary today. But having a new dog has been fantastic and he certainly makes me laugh almost as much as Chelly did. Chelsea’s coming to see us in a few weeks with Mum as I’m graduating from Cardiff university.
I know they’ll enjoy playing together.
Next time:
James starts work!

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