me and my guide dog – the untold story

I’m getting my third guide dog! Finally, the months of tears, frustration and waiting have come to an end – or will on the 29th of June!
Many of you know (and to those of you who’ve just started reading this blog, a huge welcome) I retired my beloved black Labrador Chelsea (aka Chelly) on the 31st of October last year.
She was almost ten – which is the age guide dogs usually retire.
I met my “carry on work dog”) guide dog owners rarely like the word replacement) about a month ago, but couldn’t blog about it until I was sure we were a match.
So, who is the lucky dog who’ll be walking in Chelsea’s huge pawsteps?
His name is James. He’s a yellow Labrador and is extremely cute!
I took him for a test drive round Cardiff and it was fantastic.
I felt quite emotional as we weaved in and out of the busy crowds.
I said to my guide dog trainer: “I’ve got a feeling back I never thought I’d experience again when Chelsea retired! James has shown me why we have guide dogs!” I felt safe, secure and filled with a hope that once again, I could get out into the world by myself..
There have been many blogs, programmes and books written about training, working and living with guide dogs – but this blog is different because it all about the transitionary period between dogs. It’s a hard time, a testing time, but one which I want to write about.
I’d like to write about my adventures with James – but I also know you’ll all be wondering how Chelsea gets on.
So, over the coming days and weeks, I’ll post updates on how we’re all coping with the changes coming our way.
There’ll be more ups and downs than a theme park – but I know that by sharing them all – we can let the public know about the fantastic bond between guide dog and owner.
Thanks for reading, and for new people, enjoy the adventures!
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