a lesson in patience

Are you a patient person? If you are waiting for something, what do you do? I’ve been waiting for three bits of news for the last few weeks and months and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is how to be patient.
Firstly there’s still the matter of getting my new paws. I’ll explain, as I know I have new readers of this blog who’ll either be thinking I’m one of those people who insist (for reasons totally baffling to me) that they’re a dog – and write as if they were.
I’m guilty of that sometimes so I’ll stop there…
But, I’m waiting for my new guide dog.
I’m entering the fifth month now without a working guide dog.
I’m coping exceedingly well, but that’s only because I got so upset the other day I didn’t think it was possible to feel any worse – and there’s only one way you can go from that point, upwards!
The other thing is I’m leaving the flat I’ve rented for a year in April and have no idea what will happen after that.
The last one is my job.
There’s a possibility the hours could be dropped.
I’m hoping to hear about this really soon as I need to make plans. .
I love my job, I was only thinking yesterday as I went to do a home visit with one of our group members just what a huge difference we’re making.

The annoying thing about all of this is that you’re actually waiting for other people to do something!
If you’re hanging around in a queue, or on the phone, you have the choice to leave, or put the phone down.
I’m totally dependent on other people, who are invariably waiting for people to get back to them.
However, I’m treating it all with a stoicism I didn’t know I possessed.
Whenever I am asked the inevitable question:
“So Nic, any news on the new dog yet?”
I smile, put on my patient face and say:
“Not yet, I’m still waiting!”

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Do you have any experience of waiting for news? How did you cope?
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