Chasing after the wind

Anyone who knows Chelsea and I will be aware of the vast array of nicknames she has acquired over the years. One of them is windmill. Her tail spins round like one when she’s running.
It worked over-time when we took her to the beach in North Wales on Boxing Day.
It was incredibly windy! The kind of wind which has you panting with the mere effort of keeping upright.
I was walking with my brother-in-law along the sand, while my pregnant sister struggled to keep up with us.
“I wish I could run like Chelsea!” I exclaimed.
“Paul will run with you,” my sister said.
Then, we raced into the wind!
It was fantastic!
For the first time in a long while I felt an enormous sense of freedom.
Being without a working dog for the last two months has made me feel really trapped at times.
However, listening to Chelsea galloping past me with her tail windmilling behind her made me realise that simple things make her happy!
It was cold, but I didn’t mind!
Chelsea and I were chasing after the wind – and it felt great!

Thank you to everyone who’s read my blog over the last year. I wish you (and new readers) a happy, healthy 2015
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