friendship and food

Have you ever been on a long haul flight and been really jetlagged?
I felt like that at 2 AM on the first night of being in my new flat.
The first thing that alarmed me was when Chelsea nuzzled me with her wet nose.
“Where are we?” I thought.
“This isn’t my normal bedroom?”
Then I realised where I was and giggled.
“It’s OK Chelly – we’re in our new house!”
she thumped her tail on the floor and yawned.
After a lovely sleep I jumped out of bed and padded into the kitchen.
Mum and I had been shopping so thankfully I had coffee and milk.
I had learned a few routes with Chelly in my local area and one was to the local bus-stop.
It was there that I met two other guide dog owners from the next part of Cardiff to where we’d moved.
I’d been online friends with one of them for a while – and as soon as she heard we were moving to Cardiff she suggested we meet up.
She also very kindly said she’d buy Chelly a bed as a moving in present.
Her and her partner both have dogs – and as soon as I met the four of them I instantly liked them.
They’re friendly, fun and instantly put me at ease and reassured me that although moving had been a huge upheaval for Chelly and I, I knew I’d made two fantastic friends and their guide dogs.
We went to a pancake house and the man behind the counter didn’t bat an eyelid when three dogs came in.
We cause quite a stir now whenever we go on buses together – but I think people are getting used to the three of us wandering round the local area and in the city centre.
After this we took the dogs to the park.
Cardiff has some fantastic parks.
Chelsea and I live in between two – which isn’t as lovely as living between two beaches as I did in North Wales but still great for Chelly to run in.
I chatted to my new friends about the local area and they offered to help me as much or as little as I needed.
They came back to my flat and we drank tea and chatted some more.
Chelly enjoyed getting to know the ddogs who are a lot younger than her and full of fun.
When they left she threw herself on to her new bed with an exhausted sigh.
I had a lovely text later that day from my new friends.
They said how much they’d enjoyed meeting us.
I said how much it meant to me that we’d met them.
I have a lot of sighted friends in Cardiff from my time at university, but only other blind people truly understand the difficulties we face without sight.

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